Burning Sky Observation ("Firefly") Rides: A Firefly is the term we use for an observation ride burner. The observation plane rides are Burning Sky's gift to Black Rock City.

How to get a ride: On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, come to the Burning Sky camp (at the 4:45/H (2019)) and look for the "FIREFLIES" sign. Someone there will give you instructions. Due to incredibly high demand, you should expect a wait, and during busy times we will have games to determine winners to go up and some will be turned away so you don't have to sit around and wait all day.

Other Really Important Information:

  • Please do not show up before 11:00 AM.
  • Please bring a photo ID (you have to sign a legal document).
  • You must complete a liability waiver before you'll be allowed into the plane.
  • All Fireflies must be at least 18 years old.
  • You will not be jumping out of the plane.
  • A small bottle of water and a camera are ok to bring on the plane but your other belongings cannot fly with you.
  • It may be a long wait so bring snacks and water.
  • You must be sober to go up on the plane. Party hard after the plane lands, not before!

What can you expect on an airplane ride?

As you may know, there is an airport at Burning Man. You will get in the plane with the skydivers -- you in the pilot-end of the airplane and the skydivers in the back. We put an emergency parachute on you and give you basic emergency instructions. There are windows so bring a camera. The view is unbelievable and it will give you a completely different perspective of the city. The plane will circle the city on the way to ~9,000 ft above ground, drop the skydivers, and descend to land back at Burning Man. The ride takes about 20 minutes, but plan to burn two or three hours of your day finding our camp, checking in, waiting, traveling to/from the airport, etc.