Burning Sky is a collective of skydivers who bring aerial art to the unique venue of Burning Man. We also offer the public an unforgettable opportunity to view Black Rock City from the air in order to share our timeless love of the heavens with the Burning Man community. Any sufficiently-experienced skydiver is welcome to participate.

The idea behind Burning Sky, like Burning Man itself, is difficult to sum up in a sound bite. It’s like explaining what skydiving is like to someone who has never jumped. “Radical Self Expression” is what Larry Harvey, credited founder of Burning Man, uses to describe the event. The skydiving members of Burning Sky completely appreciate that. Our camp started with about 10 skydivers in 1999, and has grown to 100+ skydiving participants. We are a highly experienced group of skydivers. Our continuing mission is to extend the art and ethos of Burning Man off the playa into the vertical dimension, coloring the sky in coordinated jumps using banners, smoke, and magnesium flares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Burning Sky?

A: Burning Sky is basically just a bunch of skydivers who bring a plane to Black Rock City so we can skydive and and give rides to other burners.

Q: I'm a skydiver. Where do I join?

A: See the skydiver page for more info.

Q: Can I do a tandem skydive with Burning Sky?

A: No. But you can go for a ride in the plane.

Q: Do skydivers need tickets to Burning Man?

A: Yes. We don't arrive by plane (it's hard on the RV and camping gear). ;)

Q: Where do you camp and how do I find you?

A: We are usually near the 5:00 radial, which is also the road to the BRC airport at "G" or "H" (2019 location: 4:45 & H).

Q: Can I camp with you if I don't skydive?

A: Camping space is limited. If you are interested in camping with us, even without skydiving, register and indicate your interest (you don't have to pay camp dues for this). When we have available space, we welcome anyone connected to the skydiving community whether they're jumping with us at Burning Man or not.

Q: Where can I learn to skydive?

A: Look up the parachuting authority in your country for more information. In the USA, visit uspa.org and click the "Become a Skydiver" link to find an affiliated drop zone near you.