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General Information, Web Support, Registration & Dues Questions: [email protected]
DZ Manager: [email protected]
You can email us at one of the addresses above, or use the form below. Before you email us, please read this FAQ. If your question is answered in the FAQ please don't expect an email response. :)
  • Burning Man Tickets: No, we don't have any extras. Got an extra one? We can find it a home in the skydiver community. Let us know.
  • Registering to Jump: Registration usually opens in mid-July. Please sign up for our mailing list:
  • Non-skydivers: WE DO NOT DO TANDEM JUMPS or allow inexperienced skydivers to jump with us. At all. I know your story is special and different, but I'm really really sorry... we're just not set up for it. We DO give away rides in our plane on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. Stop by the Burning Sky camp (usually around 5&H) for details. More info here.
  • Fireflies (observer rides): Please visit the Fireflies page for more information.
  • Want to camp with us? If you're a skydiver or somehow connected with the skydiving community, totally cool (if we have room -- camp fills up). You still have to pay camp dues and sign up for work shifts.
  • Experienced skydivers: You need 150 jumps to jump with Burning Sky. You should be very comfortable with your canopy in unpredictable weather and with obstacles moving through your landing area. See the FAQ here.
  • Skydivers Mailing List: Sign up to get info from Burning Sky here:
  • Where are we camping? 4:45 & H (2019)
  • Do we jump "into" Burning Man? Not really. We're already at BRC, and we get on the plane at the airport. We arrive through the gate with a ticket in hand, just like everyone else. And hitting the ground is rough on the RV. :)
  • Is this a boogie? No.

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