Registration 2014

2014 Registration is now CLOSED


Read this stuff… please.

  • Nobody associated with Burning Sky makes a dime off of this. We do this out of love for you and Burning Man. The organizers volunteer their time and pay for jumps just like you do, and Burning Sky recycles any leftover funds for future camp projects.
  • Those who work a shift pay a lower ferry fee and jump price. Yep, it is like that. If you do not think that is cool, read above again, and what Burning Man is,
  • We will be jumping Wed 8/27 through Sat 8/30. In 2011 and previous years there was jumping on Sunday. Why the change? Most of our skydivers are already at BM and looking for jumps on Wed, and many of our jumpers start packing/leaving on Sunday. It will also allow Burning Sky to increase our participation in the city with more gifting and firefly rides.
  • Jumping is usually from 11 AM – Sunset, but we may start earlier in the day if there is demand.
  • We’re looking for 100 jumps experience minimum to jump at Burning Man. If you have fewer jumps contact BEFORE registering.
  • Slots that you buy are completely transferable to citizens of Burning Man for firefly rides (observers) or to other jumpers who also bought a package. There is NO gifting a jump to a jumper who did not buy their own jump package – i.e., two people cannot share one package – and everyone who jumps must register and share the cost.
  • Price change: The cost of the plane went up significantly this year, and the cost of fuel increased as well.  We also have a second pilot to cover entry and such for. However for those of you working a shift we managed to keep the prices the same!  (A 5-pack is still $285.)  For those not working a shift, the price went up some.  Burning Sky is projecting a net loss this year — we don’t make any money from this, but we have a little in the piggy bank to absorb the cost this time.  We’re not so sure about next year, and we are exploring options.
  • No money will be accepted at Burning Man. If you do not preregister, then you cannot jump.
  • We have to pay for the plane whether you are in it or not, so money that you pay for the jumps is not refundable. If you buy 8 slots and only make 2 jumps for whatever reason then Burning Sky will thank you for your donation, but no money will be returned to you.
  • Bad weather is a risk for all. We pay for the plane to fly its minimum contract – bad weather or not.
  • By the time you get to Burning Man the money has already been spent.
  • Payments are made by credit card after you register.  The charge for credit card processing is included in the price paid.  If you do not complete the payment section of the registration process, your registration is NOT complete.  If you need to pay later for some reason, contact
  • Incentive to send money early: Work shifts will not be assigned until you pay. To get the time/job that you want, send money early. Otherwise, just do all of us coordinating this a favor and pay before August if you can. It helps make things less busy pre-burn. THANK YOU!
  • Be honest with your available and non-available times. If you only make yourself available for one shift, Burning Sky can assure you that shift is not available and you will have to pay non-work fees. (Sounds obnoxious, but you started it. ;) )
  • You will sign a waiver and have your reserve repack date checked at Burning Man, just like the real world. Make sure you are in date; there is no rigging loft at Burning Man.
  • Night jumps on Thursday or Friday night! Registration will be at Burning Sky.
  • Do not land in the streets at Burning Man… EVER!! Other off-limits landing areas include center camp, inside the lights that encircle the man, or within 100 ft (30 meters) of any art installation or aircraft.
  • Want some late-night music? There are dozens of venues around the city to get your fix, but our camp is not one of them. Our neighborhood is a no-loud-music zone from 2 AM to 9 AM.
  • Ok kids, this is a big one: You must pack out and leave Burning Man with every molecule of stuff that you bring. Do not leave packing carpet, chairs, coolers, bicycles, bottles of booze… (all stuff left behind in the past) or anything else that you think someone else might want. This is about self-reliance, not depending on others to clean up after you.
  • MOOP. You need to walk your camp area after you pack up, looking for little pieces of anything other than playa and pick it up. Burning Man has been on the edge of getting canceled due to garbage left behind, do your part to keep the dream alive! Also, if we leave behind anything, that jeopardizes Burning Sky’s ability to get camp placement in the future.
  • If you have never been to Burning Man, please read through the FAQs on and, and contact or with any additional questions.

Got all of that?  Good!  Now go register here.


***If you need to change anything about your registration once completed, contact***


  • Q: What does working a shift mean?
    • Shifts are 4 hours: 11a-3p and 3-7p, Wed-Sat. You can select your first and second choice shifts when you register.
      • Shift types:
        • Mutant Vehicle Driver – Drive the art car from the camp to the airport and back.
        • Firefly Greeter – Stay at the airport, help observers don/doff gear and fuel the plane.
        • Manifest assist – Check people in, waivers, tokens, firefly lottery, etc.
  • Q: How much do jumps cost?  (prices listed here do not include credit card fees of 2.9% + $0.30)
    • Working a shift:
      • 5 jumps – $285
      • 6 jumps – $330
      • 7 jumps – $375
      • 8 jumps – $420
      • Each additional +$45
    • NOT working a shift:
      • 5 jumps – $400
      • 6 jumps – $460
      • 7 jumps – $520
      • 8 jumps – $580
      • Each additional +$60
  • Q: Where does the money go?
    • Burning Sky is a cost-sharing operation, plain and simple.  The starting package of 5 jumps also includes some base expenses related to the ferry cost of the airplane and camp operating expenses & improvements.  We could not afford to operate if everyone just bought 1 or 2 jumps, and we could not afford to operate if jumpers pooled jump packages.  It’s expensive, we know, but airplanes are ‘spensive!  If you want a breakdown of the finances just ask us and we will show you the money.